Cleaning Services At A Glance

Daily cleaning of commercial premises is by far and away from the largest part of what Excel does. We clean across the UK for all types of single site and multi-site businesses that require anything from 10hrs per week to 1000hrs per week.

Every day we supply thousands of hours, spanning office cleaning, retail cleaning, industrial cleaning and medical sector cleaning.

What is the key to delivering excellent cleaning services in these sectors?

• Motivated Managers who are incentivised to deliver results.
• Attracting and keeping loyal and hardworking staff.
• Recognising and rewarding the cleaning staff for an excellent performance.
• Regular Quality Assessment reports.
• An appreciation and respect for Health and Safety.
• Close customer contact.

This is the formula we aspire to in all our commercial cleaning contracts and underpins the culture of the company. We work with flexible contract lengths.

Recycling Services

Do you know your ratio of Recycled Waste to General Waste? Do you have a target?

If not, we would urge and help you towards a minimum target of 50% general waste, and ideally moving nearer only 40%. To achieve this, you would need cardboard waste bins around your office to help segregate paper, plastics and aluminium. You may also need some free staff training on what to recycle, and we can help you there.

IT Cleaning

Keyboards and phones are massive sources of bacteria and cross contamination.

We can put together a recommended programme to clean your IT equipment on a 3 monthly basis, and advice on regular antisceptic wipes for your phones. At another level, we can provide Server and Cleanroom cleaning services through our strategic partners.

Carpet Care

All carpets need maintenance. Depending on traffic and usage you might like a regular pre-planned programme or a simple re-active service on request. Spots and stains will always appear through spillage, and we can react quickly to help you. Of course, different carpets require different methods, and we can advise on this. Our work is fully insured and can be arranged to take place over weekends, overnight, or at any time to suit you.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning often slips under the radar in terms of cost and importance. Sometimes a window cleaner is simply appointed and quietly goes about their regular visit for years and years. Of course, nothing wrong with this if it works, but we would always seek to challenge the following:

• Is the appropriate frequency in place? Do you really need 4 weekly cleanings? Or 8 weekly? A combination of frequencies is often the best outcome.

• Check the method. Are Reach and Wash in place where appropriate?
• Is correct licensing and insurance in place?
• Is your company part-liable if a window cleaner fell?
• Is the cost in need of benchmarking?

We work with hard working, task-focussed window cleaners and who are smartly turned out.

Deep Cleaning

Like High-Level Cleaning, there is the perennial requirement for a deep clean or spring clean of your premises. This helps to capture those areas which are not part of the daily cleaning spec. Deep Cleaning can involve washing down of washrooms, kitchens, or office spaces. In each instance, specific cleaning methods and chemicals might apply, and we would quote separately and advise for you. Again, we exercise the appropriate Risk Assessments and Method Statements…

And of course, we seek your 100% approval of all work completed.

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